About Us

The International Humanitarian Studies Association is a network engaged with the study of humanitarian crises caused by disaster, conflict or political instability. Humanitarian studies concern how humanitarian crises evolve, how they affect people and their institutions, communities and societies, and the responses they trigger.

We form a platform for the different disciplines that address humanitarian studies. It offers a venue where these scholarly communities can meet and debate their different insights and understanding of humanitarian crises, in dialogue with policy actors and implementing agencies. IHSA equally welcomes academic scholars, consultants, policy researchers, and reflective practitioners among its membership.

If you are not a member already, please join us today! If you want to find out more about IHSA Governance and how we function please have a look at our Governance page.

IHSA Annual Lecture

The International Humanitarian Studies Association is delighted to announce its first ‘IHSA Annual Lecture’, which will take place at the Literature House in Bergen on 23 May 2024. This edition is in collaboration with the War and Fun: Reconceptualizing Warfare and Its Experience (WARFUN)project at the Chr. Michelsen Institute, and the Rafto Foundation.

The inaugural lecture will be introduced by Antonio De Lauri (President, IHSA), and given by Khaled Quzmar, (General Director of Defense of Children Palestine). It will be followed by a reflection by Francesca Albanese (UN Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories), and a roundtable featuring:

– Munzoul Assal (Chr. Michelsen Institute)
– Susanne Jaspars (SOAS/IHSA)
– Carla Vitantonio (Care International/IHSA)
– Andrew Cunningham (IHSA)

The roundtable will be moderated by Antonio De Lauri.

You are welcome to attend in-person in Bergen (Norway), or to tune in online! For more information, check out the website of the Literature House Bergen

Our Biennial Humanitarian Studies Conference

Every two years, the International Humanitarian Studies Association organizes an international conference on humanitarian studies. Our conferences take place in a different part of the world each time. We started in 2009 in Groningen, the Netherlands, and afterwards moved the conference to Boston, Addis Ababa, Istanbul, the Hague and Paris. Our latest eddition of the IHSA conference took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. For more information click the banner or visit our conference page here.

Our conferences bring together a wide range of academics and practitioners that exchange knowledge on different topics within humanitarian studies. More information about our previous conferences can be found here.

We are now accepting Expressions of Interest to host the 2025 conference: just email info@ihsa.info to register your interest!

Relevant resources

As a part of our efforts to connect the actors in the humanitarian sector, we have created a selection of humanitarian resources for our community.

This selection includes a wide variety of topics and resources like:


IHSA offers two types of membership. Individual membership and institutional membership. We equally welcome academic scholars, consultants, policy researchers, and reflective practitioners among our membership. Do you think your institution might be interested in joining IHSA please send us an email. More information about institutional membership can be found here.

The individual membership fee is 25 Euro per year. You can fill in the membership registration form to become a member.