The IHSA board consists out of the following bodies:

a. The General Assembly consists of all members of the IHSA.
b. The Board consists of 10 members elected by the GA.
c. The Executive Committee will consist of the President of the IHSA, the Vice-President and a Treasurer.

Elections take place during the General Assembly at the bi-annual IHSA conference.

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Annual Reports
Download the 2021 Annual Report
Download the 2020 Annual Report
Download the 2019 Annual Report
Download the 2018 Annual Report 

What is expected from board members?
– Attend 4 to 6 online meetings of 1 hour a year (a bit more during a conference year)
– Input on reading materials
– Support the promotion of the activities of the association
– Active contribution to the development of IHSA as a professional studies association
– Representing the association at international platforms of relevance to IHSA
– Possibility to be a theme coordinator for the bi-annual conference
– Option to run for positions like, treasurer, secretary and president of the association
– Possibilities to start a study group on a specific topic

Committee on Diversity and Outreach
The group has three main objectives revolving around the themes of diversity and outreach. The first involves finding ways to diversify the composition of the IHSA board itself, to give voice to different perspectives in strategic planning for the association. The second is to support the diversification of the IHSA membership, in order to provide opportunities to a wide range of practitioners and academics engaged with humanitarian studies. And finally, the third objective is to develop innovative outreach activities to meet the first to objectives. As a general principle, diversity is not a goal in itself, but rather the creation of a vibrant and inclusive humanitarian studies community, one which is mutually supportive and sensitive to a wide range of voices.

Current members of the committee are: Chris Cushing, Mohamed Jelle, Andrew Cunningham, Diego Otegui and Julia Steets.

For further information on the committee and its activities please contact: