Board Member Elections

2021 Board Member Elections 

We are looking for a diverse board of 10 people. Diversity pertains to gender and background as well as professional profile. We are an association bringing together scholars, applied researchers and reflexive practitioners, and hence we hope to see this reflected in the future board. Board members need to have an affiliation with IHSA (for example having participated in the conferences) and a background in working in the Humanitarian field.

The purpose of the board as a whole is to prepare policy for the GA’s approval, to implement policies agreed upon, to conduct financial management and a funding strategy, and to oversee projects the IHSA engages in. At the GA we will discuss the new governance manual of IHSA, with the following proposed text for expectations of board members:

What is expected from board members?

  • Attend 4 to 8 online meetings of 1.5 hours a year
  • Provide insights, wisdom and judgement
  • Help develop ideas for the vision and the strategic plan
  • Determine policy and strategy
  • Monitor performance
  • Manage governance process
  • Support the promotion of the activities of the association
  • Ensure integrity of the general workings of the association by acting as out internal control system
  • Active contribution to the development of IHSA as a professional studies association
  • Representing the association at international fora to increase the visibility and uptake of IHSA or promote membership of the association.
  • Give approval and feedback on the Annual Report and the Financial Plan
  • Be involved in the development of the conference themes

Board members have the following opportunities:

  • Possibility to be a panel abstract reviewer at the bi-annual conference
  • The option to run for positions as, treasurer and vice-president of the association
  • Possibilities to start a working group or a committee on a specific topic
  • Organize activities, such as webinars, on behalf of the IHSA

If you are interested, please send your application to

The application needs to contain: a motivation of 150 words and a picture (both will be used to introduce your candidacy on the website) in an email with your contact details.

We will also elect a new president. In addition to the regular expectations of board members, the president shall represent the IHSA both internally and externally, and shall have general responsibility for the implementation of the IHSA’s policy. S/he shall chair the meetings of the Board and the executive committee. In case you are interested, please send your motivation, including your vision of what you would like to achieve for IHSA (maximum of 500 words), and a picture.

The closing date for the applications is 10 October. Elections will be held from 15 to 31 October.