Tanja Müller for HCRI


Tanja Müller will run as the representative member for the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI), University of Manchester.

How does HCRI relate to Humanitarian Studies?
HCRI is a leading global centre for the study of humanitarianism and conflict response, global health, international disaster management and peacebuilding. Its work is driven by a desire to inform and support policy and decision makers, to optimise collaborations between partner organisations, and to foster increased understanding and debate within the field. Bringing together the disciplines of medicine and the humanities to achieve these goals, HCRI aims to facilitate improvements in crisis response on a global scale, while providing a centre of excellence for practitioners in emergencies and conflicts.

Why am I running:
I would like to join the board of the IHSA in order to further advance its interdisciplinary agenda and influence key debates. I bring to the organisation in particular my work on analysing new actors in humanitarianism, including the corporate sector and celebrities in a broad sense, as well as analysis of the contentious linkages between humanitarian interventions and human rights. As an organisation, HCRI more generally will advance a better understanding of the interlinkages between medical humanitarian interventions and how these interact with local dynamcis and global power structures. Lastly, as one of the editors of the new Journal of Humanitarian Affairs, I and HCRI will play a key role in providing a platform for cutting edge academic as well as practice-informed publications and opinion pieces for IHSA members.

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