Carla Vitantonio

As a researcher, my long-term interests are rooted in coloniality within the aid industry. I look at how practices stemming from the Global South can bring seeds of decoloniality in the sector, and at the possibility of supporting a decolonial perspective in policies and practices. My recent work on the topic is a podcast called "Living decoloniality", produced through a fellowship at the European University Institute, School of Transnational Governance.

As a humanitarian and development worker, I deal with extreme and forgotten crisis, armed groups, fragile states. I worked for 4 years in North Korea, 2 years in the contented areas of Myanmar, and 5 years in Cuba. Disaster Risk Reduction, Humanitarian Protection and Migration/Forced displacement are my core areas of interest.

As a performer, my research pivots around the idea of performance as a space for identity, and of the performer’s body as mirror and agent of their multiple identities. I brought my performance all over the world. Among other places, I worked in Myanmar, South Korea, and Europe.

In 2022 I was awarded the honor of Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia by the President of the Republic of Italy, for my activity as a humanitarian and as an author.

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