Child Rights in Humanitarian Crisis: Improving Action and Response

Author: Rigmor Argren, Jessica Jonsson

This book demonstrates how a focus on children’s rights can help practitioners to safeguard children during humanitarian crisis.

Child Rights in Humanitarian Crisis focuses on understanding and advancing child rights through practical applications of a child rights perspective in crisis response. The book establishes that with accessible, child-friendly participatory means, crisis response can improve from a child rights perspective and even advance children’s rights whilst also supporting and furthering the development of a child’s agency. The volume presents the reader with a clear focus on children from a range of backgrounds, including those most marginalised, such as children with disabilities. Drawing on expertise from the field as well as academia, and providing practical examples which link case studies to legal policies in recent and protracted humanitarian responses, such as in Turkey and at the Lithuania–Belarus border, this book is a treasure trove of advice from some of the humanitarian and development sector’s most experienced professionals.

Combining insights from both research and practice, this book will be an essential read for humanitarian students and practitioners.

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