8000 Paperclips (2020)

Directed by: Nitsan Tal

When Raffael Lomas, Israeli artist and TED Fellow, travels to Uganda to make art with South Sudanese children raised in Israel and deported back to Africa, he forges unexpected connections and wrestles with the question – what is the real value of art?
In a complex and layered story, 8000 Paper Clips explores the value of art, Raffael’s own history with depression and struggle, and what humans need – no matter their national status. It follows a group of extraordinary young people as they overcome adversity and build hope for their future – with the support of a team of people whose hearts they have touched.
When resources are limited and the need is great – what is the real value of art? No matter how much Raffael tortures himself with that question, ultimately it is the children who are best able to answer it. (8000 Paperclips 2021)

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