Welcome to The International Humanitarian Studies Association (IHSA) online directory. During 2019, IHSA developed this directory in order to connect and make visible all different institutions from the humanitarian sector. By now we have a register of more than 200 organizations and still growing.

The current directory is organized by different filters. Geographically you can search either by continent or country, choose one continent of interest and then click search to see all the humanitarian NGO´s present in this continent. You can also search by theme or type of institution. This directory classifies the organization of the humanitarian sector in three large groups: Research & Publication organization, Portals & Platforms, and Educational Institutions.

If you are interested in the educational offers and institutions of the humanitarian sector, this directory also allows you to filter these institutions by academic and non-academic type and by the type of course they offer.

Finally, If you would like to include an institution in this directory feel free to. It is completely  free. You can do so via this form.