IHSA has several ongoing publication collaborations and some one time publications. Are you interested in teaming up with IHSA? Send us a message and we will get in touch.


IHSA-Routledge Book Series 

The Routledge Humanitarian Studies series is a collaboration with the International Humanitarian Studies Association (IHSA). We invite book proposals that address, amongst other topics, questions of aid delivery, institutional aspects of service provision, the dynamics of rebel wars, state building after war, the international architecture of peacekeeping, the ways in which ordinary people continue to make a living throughout crises, and the effect of crises on gender relations. Link 

Security Guidelines
This manual is designed to assist researchers in conducting their research in hazardous, remote or complex environments as safely and securely as possible, both for those working within their home country, or as foreigners. Link 

Conference Publication
IHSA organises a conference on humanitarian studies every other year, and each time the goal is to gather a selection of the best papers and combine them in a conference publication. Often in collaboration with a special issue or an existing journal like ODI. Link

Other Publications 
An example is, one time articles, blog publications, or a one time collaboration with a journal or special issue. Link