Weekly Humanitarian Blog posts selection

Welcome to our humanitarian blog posts selection

Since March 2020, IHSA is trialing a weekly collection of blog posts that relate to humanitarian crises, and the responses to crisis from people, communities, politicians, and humanitarians. In the first place, these will be posts and op-eds on the impact of COVID19 on crisis-affected communities and response capacities. In the second place, we will include posts on crises that are now pushed away from the front pages despite their importance.

On this page, you can find our weekly selection of humanitarian blog posts.  This selection is chosen to reflect the latest thinking on humanitarian crisis, highlighting key issues in migration and displacement, famine and food crisis, politics, human rights, disaster preparedness and response, and aid policy and practice.

This selection is managed and curated by Susanne Jaspars, Marloes Viet, and Nicolás Caso.

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Our weekly selection

Humanitarian blog posts selection team


This selection is managed and curated by Susanne Jaspars, Marloes Viet and Nicolás Caso.