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Working Group on Ethics

The group has three main objectives: Firstly, it will interrogate and help advance ethical commitments in the field of humanitarian studies as formulated for example at the first World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. This objective includes more generally the study of the ethics of humanitarian actors and actions. Secondly, the group hopes to become a key point of reference for the ethical conduct of humanitarian research, in the Global North and the Global South. Thirdly, the group aims to advance the ethics of humanitarian studies with a special focus on fostering humanitarian studies in the Global South and encouraging responsible research uptake by its members but also across the humanitarian sector as a whole.

Current members of this group are: Thea Hilhorst, Tanja Muller, Leonard van Duijn, Kirsten Geldorf, Alice Obrecht and Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert.

For further information on the group and its activities please contact: info@ihsa.info

Working Group on Media
This group consist out of people who are interested in humanitarianism and the media. The objectives are to communicate the complexities of humanitarian crises to better educate and inform practitioners, academics, and ultimately the public at large. The group does this through IHSA’s social media accounts, art, and the gathering of film and docs on humanitarian issues. Furthermore we aim to have an open and critical discussion with the other members about the role of media in the humanitarian field.

To find out what this group has done so far, check out the media button in the menu.

Current members of this group are: Marloes Viet and Timothy Wolfer

For further information on the group and its activities please contact: info@ihsa.info