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On this page we share, one time publications (collaborations) related to IHSA.

Resisting anti-refugee regimes. ‘Everyday violence and resistance in Europe’s ‘migration management’ during the Covid-19 pandemic’

DOWNLOAD PUBLICATION – People on the move across Europe are continuously met by a heavy-handed state response. EU-wide and national-level policies and practices are causing widespread human suffering and countless human rights infringements across the continent. The situation for people on the move deteriorated during the Covid-19 pandemic, when states adopted increasingly strict border control policies and when the public health situation in border zones reached critical levels. These practices are worsening the protection and humanitarian crisis at the heart of Europe.

This anthology on the everyday violence and resistance in Europe’s ‘migration management’ during the Covid-19 pandemic consists of 10 essays written by academics, activists, advocates and individuals with lived experience. The concepts of ‘politics of exhaustion’ and ‘everyday cruelties’ form the organising theme of these essays, helping to make sense of, and ultimately call out, seemingly small and subtle instances of everyday violence and cruelties which converge into a deeply harmful state approach.

An anthology of essays written by: Gaffar Saeneen, Dalal Rajab, Victoria Tecca, Lukas Kestens, Soline Ballet,
Susanne Jaspars, Tianne Haggar, Francesca Pusterla, Robin Vandevoordt and Jacob Warn, Marta Welander
Edited by: Marta Welander and Susanne Jaspars

IHSA Blog Post
November 2020 – Recent trends in Humanitarian Thinking – celebrating 30 humanitarian blog selections.
By Nicolás Caso and Susanne Jaspars 

Humanitarian Alternatives
This year, we are teaming up with Humanitarian Alternatives, on a special issue on “the post-COVID-19 world”.
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Photo Exhibition
Safe/Unsafe is a traveling photo exhibition about safety, in which refugees and veterans show us in their own images and words what they need to feel at home somewhere.
Visit the online exhibition here.